/ Grip Dvd volume 6 (Universal)

Dvd volume 6 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 6
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GRIP Video places you in the driver seat of Signal Auto's 950 HP Skyline GTR flying at close to 280km/h on the Freeway, witness illegal street drags in Japan, revisits the new wider and badder Top End NSX team in a freeway fiery, go 250km/h in the world's longest tunnel underwater in Japan, go track drifting at Tsukuba with Sexy Style's Pro Drift RX7, check out new show cars & products at Tokyo Auto Salon, test out Rmagic's new ECU on their RX8 & RX7 on the freeway at 240km/h, Go drifting inside ..yes inside..Tanaka Shop. GRIP takes you along for some illegal drifting with Kuroi & Bai in the streets of Osaka, go on vacation to beautiful Hawaii to Streetcar Showoff where the women are to be worshiped, drool over dope cars and hot women at Hot Import Nights in LA, go behind the scenes of testing & tuning GRIP Video/Rotary Power's RX7 Pro Drift contender, journey to Las Vegas for Chris Forseberg freestyle dance, and Oh yeah... don't forget about the girls... GRIP Video brings you a plethora of Girls to admire with the Girls of Tokyo Auto Salon & an exclusive interview with up & coming import model Thuy Li!

This product is universal.

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