/ 360vm Dvd volume 5 (Universal)

Dvd volume 5 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 5
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JDM INSIDER is on a whole new level! Toshi and the new power packed JDM INSIDER crew take you deep into the Kanto area tuning world. Here you’ll meet people such as the president of the Ogura Clutch empire, Mr. Ogura himself!!! Then Toshi will show you how badly an amateur like himself loses to a pro racer at the ORC Kartland! Come spend a day at Mobara Twin Circuit with “Smokey” Nagata from Top Secret and Pro Drifter Youichi Imamura while they test and tune their Skyline powered ORC Z33 !! Party with TS Company’s Mr. Yazaki as he takes us to his secret private touge deep in the mountains of Izu! Revisit some JDM INSIDER regulars when we drop by our old friend Takahiro Ueno at T&E/ Suivax. Rock the Kanto touges with Takahashi’s insane 500HP Chaser and Daisuke’s S14. You know we roll deep when Ueno volunteers to be our camera car!! Then it’s time to get schooled by Eiji and Allen of Tomei Powered, manufacturers of insane engine parts. We’ll also take you to Pro racer Manabu Orido’s new bar/restaurant “559” and the REAL location of Mt Akina in the Initial D comics. Also be sure to check out the expanded humorous skits and partying that makes JDM INSIDER so unique!

This product is universal.

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