/ 360vm Dvd volume 4 (Universal)

Dvd volume 4 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 4
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The Kansai Adventure continues full power in PART 2 as Toshi and Hiro rock the streets of Japan! Avoid the typhoon and get loose at the STREET DRAGS in Shikoku with a 1000+HP Skyline GTR. Spend the day chillin and cruisin’ the streets with the Kyoto Drifters. Then it’s time to meet Mr. Makihara, the owner of one of the biggest and most respected tuning shops: TRIAL. Listen to his philosophy and hear him drop his knowledge. Check out TRIAL’s service and tuning facilities.

Afterwards, it’s time to spend the day hangin' out at Central Circuit. Join the JDM crew for a rare interview with Mr. Yamasaki from PX Engineering and hear the true stories of the legendary street racing crew: Team Midnight. Listen to his philosophies on tuning, street racing and tuning trends. Toshi and Hiro change it up a little by hopping on board some of the baddest street machines and blast along the Wangan freeway for some TOP SPEED street racing. Not enough action? Then maybe you should check out the SDC: Street Drift Challenge where the top drifters from Osaka and Kobe square off on the streets to see which city has the best drifters!! Kansai Adventure pt 2 is packed with all the nonstop street action and fun filled skits that only JDM Insider can produce!! You haven’t been to the streets of Kansai until you’ve seen JDM Insider Kansai Adventure pt 2.

This product is universal.

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