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Dvd volume 41 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 41
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It is really challenging to navigate continuous turns of nearly 90 degrees of this course! Drivers must make it with tremendous speed while tracing the best line to finish these turns. For spectators it looks easy, but not for drivers. What seems to be an attempt at suicide turns out to be the very definition of how to drift.
Nomuken decides to set the precedence by taking a chance entering the course at full throttle. His advanced skills seem to draw the line through the course that all other drivers should follow. But because this is the last match for his Impreza, Kumakubo takes the risk for the champagne to pour on his machine.
This is the match that will define who goes on to become a series champion!
Competitor Roaster

Seeded Drivers
1.M. Suenaga FD3S 56 points
2.N. Kumakubo GDB 51
3.M. Kawabata S15 44
4.T. Tezuka BNR32 26
5.A. Kuroi PS13 22
6.K. Nomura ER34 21
7.T. Hibino AE86 19
8.Y. Imamura Z33 18
9.Y. Koguchi RPS13 12
10.K. Okamura S15 12

Qualified (in order of points)
1.T. Inose S15
2.T. Hirota JZX110
3.H. Hiraoka S15
4.T. Yoshioka AE86
5.K. Takahashi JZX100
6.K. Tanaka GDB
7.M. Takatori ER34
8.A. Utsumi PS13
9.S. Yoshioka S15
10.N. Suenaga GC8
11.M. Tokita MZ12
12.T. Matsuda AE86
13.H. Fukuda RPS13
14.K. Komoro AE86
15.T. Ueno JZZ30
16.D. Saito JZX100
17.T. Koyama Z32
18.M. Akazawa JZX81
19.K. Ichiyanagi PS13
20.T. Sakuma S15
21.K. Yamashita SE3P

[QUICK REPORT: IKATEN USA-Las Vegas- Driver Search]
Moving on from the sunny May event at New Jersey, here we are at Las Vegas Motor Speedway… just a tad bit north of the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.
There is one driver who thought that this would be a great and much easier way to obtain his D1 license than in Japan, and made the long voyage to Vegas. His nickname is CRASH & DAI because of his consistent crashes in the qualifying rounds at D1 Street Legal in Japan......Yes, it?s Daijiro Inada, the founder and chairman of D1 Grand Prix.
Totally 16 drivers applied, however, only 9 drivers survived for the driver search session after crashes and mechanical failures.
Watch this quick report for their results!

D1 is the only racing format where talented new drivers can battle the masters of the sport!
There are a total of 130 D1 license holders eligible to enter the D1GP, and not all of them have what it takes to make it to the final match. In D1 there are two types of drivers: drivers who own their own car, and those who are part of a sponsored team. Can you imagine the pressure that each of these teams must feel?

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