/ Best Motoring Dvd Volume 17 (Universal)

Dvd Volume 17 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd Volume 17
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Best Motoring


BMI Vol.17 Racing Bonanza

*F430 Mega Test
We dissect the the Ferrari F430 like never before and compared it to the top super cars of the world.

Featured Cars : Ferrari F430 F1, Lamborghini Gallardo e-gear, Porsche 911 GT3 Club Sport, Mercedez-Benz SL55 AMG and Honda NSX-R. Track: Gunsai Touge, Akebonotec
Reviewers: Keiichi Tsuchiya, Akira Iida and Tetsuya Ohta

* Gan san's V8 Luxury Sedans
Gan-san flies to the US again to test drive three V8 luxury sedans. Most of these cars will never be driven this hard but we still wanted to know how they would perform.

Featured Cars: Lexus GS430, Infiniti M45, Cadillac CTS-V
Track: Streets of Willow Springs
Reviewer: Motoharu Kurosawa

The FR market is now becoming a battle field with the release of the 35th anniversary Z. We have the Skyline, RX-8 and the undesputed JDM FR, the S2000 to settle this once and for all.

Featured Cars : Fairlady Z 35th Anniv (350Z), Skyline Coupe 350GT Premium (Infiniti G35 Coupe), RX-8 Sport Prestige Limited, Mazdaspeed RX-8 Version II, S2000
Track: Tsukuba Circuit
Reviewers: Motoharu Kurosawa, Naoki Hattori, Takuya Kurosawa, Shinichi Katsura and Ryo Michigami.
* Hot Hatch Battle
DSG vs Manual - 0-400m Test
Featured Cars: Golf GTI DSG, Golf GTI 6MT, Opel Astra Turbo, Renault Megane RS, Integra Type R, Ford Fiesta ST (Impression only), Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Selespeed (Impression only)
Track: Tsukuba Circuit
Reviewers: Keiichi Tsuchiya, Naoki Hattori, Satoshi Motoyama, Akira Iida and Tatsuya Kataoka.
* Naoki Hattori's Motorsport Diary
We travel with Naoki Hattori to see what's really going on in the Super GT series!

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