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Dvd Volume 33 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd Volume 33
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JDM Option Volume 33: D1GP Suzuka The Anticipated Drifting Stage

D1GP Round 6 is on the world renowned Suzuka circuit. The drivers start from the downhill Dunlop corner and are side by side ALL THE WAY!!!? This course layout is nerve-wracking not only for the D1 drivers, but also for the spectators.


In all the chaos that is D1, there are 3 drivers who are above all in the 2006 series—Kumakubo, Nomura, and Kazama.? They are the top 3 drifters in the world and are fighting for the title of Series Champion.? Suzuka Circuit is the first time for all of them, so the playing field is level.
From the Single runs to the Sudden Deaths, we caught it all on our on-board cameras.? Watch and learn from the best of the best.? Check out how they manipulate their shifters and the e-brakes.

This product is universal.

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