/ Jdm Option Dvd volume 25 (Universal)

Dvd volume 25 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 25
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Jdm Option


JDM Option Volume 25: 2006 D1GP Round 1 2006 D1GP Round 1, 2006 Series Opener at Irwindale, CA

Another heart pounding season of professional drifting has begun. The season opener round was held again at Irwindale Speedway, California this year with a reversed course layout. The new track enabled a more flamboyant display of speed and strength but came with perilous consequences. Some contenders started off this season by falling victim to the kiss of death of the infamous Irwindale concrete barrier.

The two big dogs of American drifting rise to the top ranks in an attempt to take down the Japanese in their home turf. Vaughn Gittin and Samuel Hubinette flex their American muscle by taking their domestic powered machines to the tsuiso round!

The monkey man Nomuken, and the rodeo clown Kazama sneak into the pit area along with JDM Option to uncover the US drift Machines! No, they weren?ft hired as spies. Everyone is just curious to see what kind of setup it takes to drift American style! See what it takes to be the bad boys of US drifting!

Has GoGo Daijiro gone crazy? He has always been crazy in the past, but to pilot a 3000 horsepower drag race machine in less than 30 minutes of instruction? That?fs plain suicide! He did have a powerful ally on his side, the former Funny Car champ, Mr. Kenji Okazaki. Can this be Daijiro?fs last episode? Find out if Daijiro lives, or ends up being the laughing stock of NHRA.

This product is universal.

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