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Dvd volume 23 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 23
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JDM Option Volume 23 : USA vs JAPAN All Star Match

The coverage of the USA vs JAPAN All-star event at Irwindale Speedway, California! For all you D1 fans that made it to the event, had the opportunity to see the top drifters from opposite sides of the Pacific duke it out in the frenzy of tire smoke. The sights and sounds of a live D1 event are truly one of a kind. But for all you who couldn?t make it out can pickup a copy of JDM Option Volume 23 and still enjoy the intense battles of the USA vs JAPAN event in the comfort of your own home.

The main feature of JDM Option Volume 23 is the coverage of the USA vs Japan event. This video starts off with a well edited compilation music video that highlights all the US and Japanese drivers. The course intro for this new track layout is done by none other than the Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya, in the gold Top Secret S15. You can tell that this old man needs to brush up on his drifting skills.

If you haven?t heard the big news already, an American driver had won this All Star event. This is a phenomenal happening for it is the first time an American even made it to the finals in a D1 sanctioned event. This driver had a tough road to endure to make it this far and take the win above the Japanese. Beating the 2003 and the 2005 D1 champion and other high ranked drivers secured his victory. The camera work in this coverage is outstanding and very professional, as there are numerous camera angles and on-board cameras installed on these cars. Though Mana-P and Keiichi bring the excitement to you in Japanese, JDM Option has professionally translated the dialogue and all the excitement to English.

As an intermission from all the D1 madness, Mana-P does ride-alongs with some US drivers. Complaining as always, Mana-P is forced to ride with Ken Gushi, Rod Millen, and Samuel Hubinette. This section is one of the most humorous parts of the video as you can see in the onboard cam, Mana-P begging for mercy to stop. This section is also provides considerable footage of what these drivers do behind the wheel on this famous Irwindale course.

Another hilarious piece was Ueno?s Pit Reporting as he tries to communicate with the American drivers but has no idea what they are saying as he just nods his head.

If you noticed Orido in the USA vs Japan event, he showed up in a RSR S15 and not his usual RSR Supra. Find out what exactly happened to it as Orido talks about his dreams and goals for 2006 to the Video Option staff.

This product is universal.

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