/ Jdm Option Dvd volume 21 (Universal)

Dvd volume 21 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 21
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Jdm Option


D1 Grand Prix at the Newly Renovated Fuji Speedway!
This 6th round features a new reversed layout with high speed hairpin turns that forces the competitors to hold their vehicles sideways for an extended period of time. However, the tsuiso battles are highly anticipated to see how long these drifters can keep up with each other at a hairline distance. The sideways speed keep increasing by the round, evolving this motorsport into a very dangerous game.

Keiichi Tsuchiya
Manabu Suzuki

Course intro by: (Nobuteru Taniguchi in the HKS Altezza)

Yasuyuki Kazama (S15)
Masao Suenaga (FD3S)
Youichi Imamura (FD3S)
Katsuhiro Ueo (AE86)
Ken Nomura (ER34)
Masato Kawabata (S15)
Nobushige Kumakubo (GDB)
Nobuteru Taniguchi (SXE10)
Toshiki Yoshioka (AE86)
Tetsuya Hibino (AE86)
Manabu Orido (JZA80)
Tatsuya Sakuma (S15)
Kazuhiro Tanaka (GDB)
Tsuyoshi Tezuka (HCR32)
Ken Maeda (FD3S)
Shuichi Yoshioka (RPS13)
Takumi Nozawa (S14)
Ken Shinose (PS13)
Junichi Miyamoto (RPS13)
Masaru Kakemizu (RPS13)
Jin Horino (FC3S)
Tomokazu Hirota (JZX110)
Touru Inose (S15)
Wataru Hayashi (AE86)
Takashi Haruyama (C35)
Osamu Yamaguchi (S14)
Hirotaka Hoshino (PS13)
Takuyoshi Sugawara (S14)
Yukio Matsui (RPS13)
Koji Michifusa (PS13)
Takashi Tanaka (S14)

Kazama and Suenaga Interview
The last two fighters left standing are The top ranked Kazama and #2 ranked Suenaga
The series champion will emerge from these two. JDM Option gives you an inside interview with these drivers, machines, and mechanics.

The Legend of the Quest for Top Speed
The Epic tuned vehicles that paved the way for the top speed challenge! This challenge has been a crucial factor in the development of the foundation of the Option publication. Here, we review the ground breaking machines that set new standards and earned the prestigious bragging rights. Take a peek into the dangerous world that these guys live in.

This product is universal.

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