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Dvd volume 19 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 19
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JDM Option Volume 19: D1GP 2005 EBISU
Japan Professional Drifting Series Round 5

Japan Professional Drifting Series Round 5
Best Performance Show!
Preliminary Stream Z Testing for the Silver State Classic
D1 Spec Z33 Pulls 300km/h+ at the Z Top Speed Trial!
The Life of a Pro Drifter! Masato Kawabata

Intensity at the Drift Mecca!
All the competitors are at their best at this well known course! The only drivers that will survive are the ones that hold that special touch above the rest. This round brings you fearless contenders who have symptoms of an uncontrollable need to keep their foot on the gas! Experience the excitement of D1 racing straight from Ebisu, Japan!

Exclusive Segment
D1 is fun filled! Not only do these contenders hold exceptional driving skill, but their antics are just too humorous to watch. To add a splash of humor to the seriousness of D1, we created a segment where they put on a miniature show.

The Latest Top Speed Challenge of the Zs
After a long absence it?s back, the tuned car top speed testing. Today?s lineup includes many types of Zs from NA setups, V35 Skylines, and the Fuga. Even Miki?s D1 spec ORC Z33 accepts the challenge clocking in at over 300km/h! This drift machine received no modifications, only slight alignment settings.
GoGo Daijiro?s main focus was the testing of his new Stream Z. He rips a 320km/h blast with only half throttle! They are on well on their way to the US!

D1 Driver Lifestyle Masato Kawabata
In D1 today, there is a man who is on a rapid rise to stardom. Masato Kawabata is usually quiet and reserved, but morphs into a monster when placed behind the wheel. Gaining respect from many of the top D1 contenders he is on the rise. We take a closer look into his life.

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