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Dvd collectors ed. for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd collectors ed.
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Jdm Option


JDM Option Collectors Edition #1
Drift like Nomuken

Nomuken, the most colorful professional drifter gives personal driving lessons! First, he builds a drift machine for a Japanese businessman named Mr. Kobayashi, who has a strange fetish for Loose Socks. Then, being a generous gentleman that he is, Nomuken takes Kobayashi to the race circuit where he whips the poor guy into a drifting demon! Watch the segment unfold from installing a LSD to performing a Komanji drift technique!

Ken Nomura is the founder of the beautiful drifters association, and will refuse to teach a non-beautiful person his techniques. This day, he gathers more frequent mileage points and makes his way to Irwindale California for a rendezvous with a drift star model!

It?s safe to state that Nomuken?s drifting skills are one of the best in the world. His masterful techniques can be seen here on the on board camera. Sit right next to him in the cockpit from the season opener to the 5th round in Ebisu as he steers, shifts, brakes all in complete harmony!

This product is universal.

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