/ Jdm Option Dvd volume 13 (Universal)

Dvd volume 13 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 13
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Jdm Option


D1 Grand Prix Round 1, Irwindale Speedway 40 top drivers from Japan came to the states to compete in the season opener of the 2005 season. A diverse selection of JDM cars were debuted at the event, Skyline, Silvia, RX-7, Chaser, AE86 and more. Again Nomuken takes a stroll down the Pit walk and reports live to you!

Relive this event on video and see the pros come drifting in at 100mph side to side! Also watch as we follow former D1 judge Manabu Orido gets back behind the wheel of the RS-R Supra and does some major damage.

Daichan is at it again with another GOGO Daijiro Episode where he rolls around town with a 6 wheeled VIP car and a super custom Toyota Celsior that's been transformed to into a futuristic pimp mobile!

This product is universal.

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