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Dvd volume 12 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 12
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JDM Option Volume 12 D1 On Board Camera.
The competitors who enter the D1 Grand Prix are undoubtedly the world's best drifters who display their amazing talent. We have dug through the secret Option video archives to bring you the never before seen footage of the on board camera shots of the top drifters. Watch and learn their god-like skills as you sit in the passenger seat with them through the entire 2003 D1 series. See their heel-toe transitions as well as their feint techniques to send the vehicle sliding in some of the best circuits in Japan! Warning; may cause nausea!

Round 1! Tsukuba-
Kumakubo, Tanaka, and Asamoto of Team Orange display their bumper to bumper chase runs, literally scraping doors with one another at this high speed circuit!

Round 2! Bihoku-
What separates the men from the boys in this snowy stage are their vehicle control as well as their guts. The Daring Yoshioka shows his suicide drifting as he charges in full throttle.

Round 3! Sugo-
Kumakubo crushes who ever comes across him in Sugo! This fighting spirit is the heart and soul of D1 Racing!

Round 4! Fuji-
D1 drifting at an international course! The GT race driver Nobuteru Taniguchi leaves his opponents in the dust with his ever graceful tail slides.

Round 5! Ebisu-
The famous course where most of the competitors have practiced one time or another! See Kazama and Ueo take their angle and line to the edge!

Round 6! Sekia-
Ueo attempts to come from behind and take the win. Like a mad man, he charges in wide open throttle; his desire to win is clearly displayed in his drifting.

Round 7! Tsukuba-
Taniguchi takes his first series win of the year here at the last round in Tsukuba. Witness one's true willpower for their desire to stand above the rest.

Volume 12 also includes a preview of the February 27th D1 event in Irwindale!

This product is universal.

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