/ Jdm Option Dvd volume 11 (Universal)

Dvd volume 11 for Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

Dvd volume 11
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Jdm Option


JDM Option Volume 11 Japan vs. USA Battle
This is every drifter?s dream, to test their skill against some of the legendary world?s best drifters. D1 Japan versus US was destined to take place. Being the originators of this sport, watch as the Japanese try to fend off the skilled American drifters. With the sudden outburst of the drifting scene in the United States, the American drifters have been polishing their skill ever since. 20 thousand JDM fans roar at the California Speedway as they slide their ride sideways!

The D1 exhibition match took place along with the first ever stateside JGTC event. Watch Nomuken and the sexy umbrella girls get harassed by the man himself, Drift King as they explore the pit area of several racing teams.

How many will make it to Fontana?! Footage of the driver search for the D1 Japan vs. USA at Irwindale Speedway is enclosed. See who actually tried out for the event, who crashed into the concrete barrier, and the best of all, who made it!

D1 invades sin city, Las Vegas for the annual SEMA show! Lead by Orido, the drifters put together an unforgettable drifting demonstration for the public.

This product is universal.

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