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Retain Series Short Ram Air Intake
V6 3.5L Nissan 350z - Z33 short ram intake blue

Gains of 19 horsepower and 16ft/lbs torque - Use Replacement Filter: TF-9006D
Mfg# TR-3001B, NOPI# 948+9665
Retain is the Takeda Short Ram lineup. These intakes create simple, bolt-on horsepower that requires simple, quick installation and no bumper removal. Some of the short ram intakes include a wrinkle black heat shield. - Takeda Air Intake Systems use a revolutionary new Pro Dry S Filter Media that works without filter oil. This media is easier and faster to clean than traditional foam, and requires no costly and messy solvents or oils. Takeda filters can be cleaned in a matter of minutes and are ready to use after only a couple of hours of drying time. Unlike pre-oiled or disposable filters, Takeda Filters are Lifetime Filters that will last as long as you own your vehicle.
1) The outer screen provides strenth and prevents damage to the filter media.
2) Thick layer slows air velocity so that dust particles fall out of suspension and become trapped in fabric fibers.
3) High-efficiency thin layer traps remaining dust particles without slowing airflow.
4) Inner screen provides support and quality without the need for additional internal structures.

This product fits on following car models:

  • Nissan 350z (2003 - 2005)

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