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TR TR-B2100 Performance Lightweight Battery
Model Number: TR-B2100
Weight: 21.5 lbs / 9.7 Kg
Product Dimension: 6.6 inches / 168mm x 5.2 inches / 132.5mm x 6.9 inches / 175.5mm
Voltage: 12
Full Charge Voltage: 13.8
CCA: 575
Capacity: 26 Amp/Hour @ 10 AH Rating

The highest reserve capacity and cold cranking amperage of all our TR batteries. TR-B2100 is suitable for
vehicles located in colder weather regions. TR Battery utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
which increases specific power and ride quality and environmental safety. The design allows the battery
to be mounted in a variety of positions and to accept automotive terminals vertically and horizontally.
Included with each TR Battery are high quality brass SAE terminals, designed to distribute the electrical
load battery for high amperage, high stress use of racing and audio applications.


-Leak-Proof Pressurized System design is engineered for safety and long life.
-Sealed, Valve-Regulated, Maintenance-Free Design eliminates damage from acid spills and corrosion, environmentally safe. 100% recyclable.
-Heat-Sealed cover eliminates electrolyte leakage and improves reliability.
-Molded Top & Side Connection terminal design provides ease of installation, increased strength and durability.
-Stainless Steel terminal threads to keep the terminals intact under vibration
-Low discharge rate during storage
-2 Year Warranty

This product is universal.

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