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"JDM Blah Blah Blah" Hoodie (Black/Long Sleeve)
available in small-medium-large-xlarge-xxlarge
JDM this. JDM that. Is that JDM!? Wow...It's all we ever seem to hear these days. All of our customers come in raving on about just everything JDM! It's like a bunch of kids in a candy store! What about all the guys who could give a rat's ass about JDM? How can we possibly show everybody some love? Well, we came up with a shirt that people from both sides of the fence can all agree on...
JDM Blah, Blah, Blah!
Printed on preshrunk heavy cotton T's, all of our apparel is crafted with pride here in the US. The artwork and quality of our shirts can easily match those of high end department stores! Yes, we've compared! We pay more money for quality, and attention to detail. That is what makes Password:JDM different from everybody else! What you get is another damn good product from Password:JDM!
Its makes a statement when you're seen with a Password:JDM t-shirt on your back. Whether you're at a meet, a show, or just cruisin' around town...nice clothing sets you apart from the rest. It makes you a true die hard enthusiast!

This product is universal.

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