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Password JDM

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"Anti-Drug" Hoodie (Black/Long Sleeve)
available in small-medium-large-xlarge-xxlarge
Don’t let drugs get in the way of you and your JDM lifestyle! This was designed for all of those die hard JDM enthusiasts who let nothing get in the way of their want and need for JDM products…not even drugs!!! This hoodie can also be for those who are so addicted to JDM that it’s like a drug! With the hoodie’s use of color, from afar it seems like the hoodie says, “JDM my drug” but when you look closely it actually says, “JDM my anti-drug”. You see? Password:JDM is always thinking of the little subtleties. It’s the little things that count! That is the Password:JDM difference!

This product is universal.

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